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Место издания: Switzerland
Год издания: 2018 г.
Объем: 320 стр.
ISBN: 978-3-03766-670-8
Язык: английский
Тип переплета: мягкий
Формат издания: 180х235 мм.
Иллюстрации: цветн.иллюстр.
Состояние книги: новая
Наличие: под заказ

Product Description

Celebrating 45 years of publication, a compilation of some of the most beautiful women to grace the pages of this iconic magazine
Starting with Jenna Persaud in 1987, this collection covers the most gorgeous Penthouse highlights of the 1990s on, including Amy Lynn Baxter (1990), Alexis Christian (1992), Leslie Glass (1992), Dyanna Lauren (1995), Aria Giovanni (2000), Jenna Jameson (2004), Krista Ayne (2006), Sasha Grey (2007), Gina Lynn (2012), and many more. Visually stunning and full of the erotic images one would expect only from Penthouse, this book will excite and tantalize millions of fans around the world. In 2004 Rolling Stone declared Penthouse «The greatest adult magazine in history.» From humble beginnings as a project started to fund an art collection, Penthouse eventually became one of the world’s most notorious publications, creating a new style of men’s magazine. Originally published in the U.S. in 1969 by Bob Guccione, the magazine helped lead the shift in sexual perception during the 1970s. By giving readers the type of erotic content they craved, Guccione and his brazen approach helped itreach a monthly circulation of 4 million. Today, Penthouse is a leading lifestyle brand, symbolizing the aspirations and desires of the new generation.
Эротическая фотография. Эротика. Пентхаус. Фотографии