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Автор: Benson Peter
Место издания: East Sussex, United Kingdom
Издательство: Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd
Год издания: 2010 г.
Объем: 168 стр.
ISBN: 978-1-86108-682-2
Язык: английский
Тип переплета: мягкий
Формат издания: 209х274 мм.
Иллюстрации: цветн.иллюстр.
Состояние книги: новая
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Product Description


This title covers the full process and all techniques needed to create superb, miniature carvings reflecting Japanese tradition. The sections progress from beginner and intermediate to advanced techniques, tools and projects. It includes 9 step-by-step projects with expert tips throughout. This is a new title on the intricate skill of creating Japanese Netsuke, traditionally created for practical reasons (to secure a valuables pouch to the sash of Japanese garments), yet now highly collectible works of art. Concise, step-by-step instructions are accompanied by numerous colour photographs taking the reader through a wide range of projects. «The Art of Carving Netsuke» will inspire carvers of all abilities, from the relative beginner to the experienced and dedicated carver to create their own superb, miniature carvings reflecting Japanese tradition.

Netsuke is an interesting art form of carving originating in Japan that has gained some popularity in this hemisphere. Peter Benson shows you how it’s done. Pronounced net- soo-key, author Benson has written the definitive book on carving netsuke. Once considered utilitarian kimono accessories, netsuke is now small carvings and works of art meant for eye appeal. Benson goes into great detail and illustrates the carving of nine unique and interesting designs. A variety of materials are used from ivory, wood, animal horn, amber, and even stone and the author shows you how it is all done. There is an excellent list of tools and other materials to get you started and Benson walks you through the various processes. The author has a penchant for animals such as a snake, toad, rabbit, dormouse, turtledove and fish and just for variety, he throws in an apple and mask. All however, intriguing and beautiful.

THE ART OF CARVING NETSUKE, by Peter Benson, is a guide to making miniature sculptures that were invented in 17th-century Japan to serve a practical purpose. It features nine projects and detailed instruction for carving realistic impressions of scales, feathers, fur, hair and more. The introduction provides a fairly thorough history of netsuke, while a gallery section shows exceptional work by netsuke carvers from around the world. Benson has been carving for more than 60 years and currently teaches carving at the Essex School of Woodcarving in Great Britain.