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Chinese Furniture. Hardwood Examples of the Ming…

8,950 руб.

Автор: Ellsworth R.H.
Место издания: Hong Kong
Издательство: Art Media Resources
Год издания: 1997 г.
Объем: 303 стр.
ISBN: 962-7956-11-2
Язык: английский
Тип переплета: твердый, футляр
Формат издания: 280х360 мм.
Иллюстрации: цветн., ч/б иллюстр.
Состояние книги: отличное
Наличие: под заказ

Product Description

This volume is the long-awaited reprint of the important pioneering study on Chinese furniture by R. H. Ellsworth. Profusely illustrated, it provides a comprehensive study of classical hardwood furniture from the Ming and early Qing dynasties. It examines the historical background and gives detailed accounts on Chinese joinery, metal mounts, changes in seating surfaces, the dating of Chinese furniture, and conservation and restoration. With the author’s new introduction and illustrating 155 superb examples, this volume is an indispensable reference for scholars, collectors, dealers, and readers interested in the subject.
Китайская мебель. Мебель Китая